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Jane Hutchinson has more than 15 years’ experience working with individuals, children and families specialising in clinical therapy and integrative mental health services.

Family Therapy

Jane provides psychotherapy for the whole family.  Jane can work with the family as a whole or individuals.

Clinical Mental Health

Jane uses evidence-based therapies to assess mental health and well-being by using data-driven insights to develop targeted interventions to empower sustained change. 


Jane’s approach is collaborative, and will work with you to develop the following:

  • A comprehensive assessment of mental health and well-being needs.
  • An individually tailored management plan.
  • Appropriate referrals, and coordinated care plans if needed.

Telehealth Counselling

Affordable, accessible and convenient telehealth counselling. 

Now you can choose the best care anywhere in Australia.

Regardless of where life takes you, your therapy continues without interruption or having to find a new therapist.

Book online and connect via video call from your phone, computer or tablet with Jane today, it’s that simple!