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Narcissistic Abuse


Jan facilitates a group recovery and support program to assist those who have experienced narcissistic and/or sociopathic abusive, controlling and manipulative behaviours. Victims of narcisisstic and sociopathic individuals are uniquely victimised and traumatised due to the insidious nature of narcissistic abuse which includes, but is not limited to, deprivation of liberty, surveillance, stalking and coercive control as means of physical and psychological control.  Narcissistic abuse can occur in a variety of relationships, i.e., intimate, family, social and occupational.

The group program provides a safe, supportive and sharing environment in which:

  • Participants develop the necessary understandings and awareness of narcissistic abuse.
  • Participants share and support as they discover that narcissistic abuse is not unique to their experiences.
  • Participants learn how to develop pathways toward understanding their own behaviours and responses stemming from narcissistic abuse and narcissisistic injury.
  • Participants develop insights and behaviours to enable them to become more resilient to move beyond the narcissistically abusive relationship.


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